Saturday, November 17, 2007

I said NO - NO - NO

This is the latest addition to the I-pod for my trip to Pittsburgh and Raliegh:

"British soul, jazz and R&B phenomenon Amy Winehouse made fun of her boozy reputation as her 45-minute set came to a close at The Mod Club Theatre on Sunday night. "I love these Shirley Temples," said Winehouse, 23, as she swigged from a red paper cup on stage, during the second of two back-to-back, sold-out shows. Essentially, the weekend gigs in Little Italy marked Winehouse's performing debut in T.O. given the last time she was here she only did a showcase performance for invited guests in support of her 2003 debut, Frank. This time out, Winehouse, backed by the stellar-sounding, 10-member Dap Kings, performed tunes primarily from her critically acclaimed 2006 sophomore effort, Back To Black, a Motown-style soul album that includes the breakout hit, Rehab. But before Winehouse took the stage, the Dap Kings, which included a three-man horn section, performed their own One Time to build excitement for her arrival. When she finally did appear, in a white tank top that showed off her heavily tattoed arms, all eyes were on her trademark beehive hairdo, heavy black-eyeliner-rimmed eyes, and tiny frame. The striking image did little to prepare the audience for the big-sounding voice to come on such Back To Black highlights as the title track, Tears Dry On Their Own, Love Is A Losing Game (which she dedicated to a male fan at the front who just had the title tattoed on a body part), Rehab, and Me And Mr. Jones, the jazzier Frank tunes Cherry and F--k Me Pumps, and a spirited cover of Liverpool band The Zutons' Valerie. As she belted out songs, Winehouse often stretched one arm high above her and bent down to accentuate the big notes although she could learn a thing from her two male backup singers' inspired dance moves. Winehouse was mainly on her best behaviour -- pointing out that her father and boyfriend were both in the audience -- "my two favourite men!" At times though, she did ramble on a bit, like her long-winded explanation about how she often screws up Me And Mr. Jones in concert, and when she sat down at the front of the stage on a couple of occasions mid-song, it seemed like she was running out of steam. There was also a noticeable titter throughout the audience when she asked for another drink during the show. Still, Winehouse, in her own unique, politically incorrect way, is a bit of a throwback as a performer and somehow she carries it off. Having talent helps. "We really love being in Toronto," she said. And we loved having her.


01 - Addicted
02 - Just Friends
03 - Cherry
04 - Back To Black
05 - Wake Up Alone
06 - Rick-stacy Rap
07 - Tears Dry On Their Own
08 - He Can Only Hold Her
09 - F*ck Me Pumps
10 - Love Is A Losing Game
11 - Valerie (w/ Band Intro)
12 - Rehab (w/audience)


13 - Amy Chats
14 - Me & Mr Jones
15 - You Know I'm No Good

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