Thursday, December 11, 2008

Billy Joel: Long Island University 1977

This is a fine Billy Joel concert, performance and sound quality-wise. You really get a feeling of comfort and appreciation in the venue and from the audience. The text file that came with the source recording claims it may be a preFM recording, which is certainly the most probable suggestion, henceforth, I listed it as such.
There is a wealth of low end on this recording, which is typical of a preFM source. Unfortunately, it is a little distracting and buries the vocals and other mid-high frequency elements somewhat. I have drastically altered the low-mid range frequency response of the recording and re-balanced the channels which were not in sync with each other. The recording now sounds bright and clear and ultimately, in my opinion, better. This one is for even the casual Billy Joel fan like myself, enjoy!

1. Miami 2017
2. Somewhere Along the Line
3. Summer, Highland Falls
4. Piano Man
5. Scenes From an Italian Restaurant
6. James
7. Angry Young Man
8. New York State of Mind
9. Traveling Prayer
10. Traveling Prayer cont.
11. Just the Way You Are
12. The Entertainer
13. You Are My Home

Disc 2
1. Root Beer Rag
2. She's Got A Way
3. The Ballad Of Billy The Kid
4. I’ve Loved These Days
5. Captain Jack
6. Worse Comes to Worse
7. Ain’t No Crime
8. Say Goodbye to Hollywood
9. Weekend Song
10. Souvenir

TOTAL RUNTIME: 1hr 44mins 9 secs

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