Thursday, April 23, 2009

GNR - Rumbo Tapes

W. Axl Rose on Lead Vocals
Slash on Lead Guitar [West Arkeen on Crash Diet]
Izzy Stradlin on Rythm Guitar and Background Vocals
Duff McKagan on Bass and Background Vocals
Steven Adler on Drums [Drum machine used as Drums on Sentimental Movie,
Bring It Back Home,Crash Diet, Just Another Sunday, Too Much Too Soon]

covers here

01 - The Garden (5:05)
02 - Don't Cry (4:40)
03 - Yesterdays (3:40)
04 - Sentimental Movie (4:43)
05 - Bad Obsession (5:07)
06 - Crash Diet (4:50)
07 - Anything Goes (5:09)
08 - Bring It Back Home (5:41)
09 - Back Off Bitch (4:50)
10 - Heartbreaker Hotel (3:25)
11 - Move To The City (3:46)
12 - Too Much Too Soon (6:29)
13 - Just Another Sunday (4:34)
14 - Welcome To The Jungle (4:58)

NOTES: Very interesting demo bootleg. It does not contain any
live song or any official material, just demos and unreleased tracks.
Check out Crash Diet and Just Another Sunday, very interesting
tracks. Early demos of Don't Cry and Welcome To The Jungle.
Anything Goes sounds completely different, so does The Garden
or Yesterdays. Check it out if you don't have it.
The sound quality is very good. Cover art is included.


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