Friday, June 12, 2009

THE DOORS - An American Prayer (1978)

THE DOORS - An American Prayer (1978)

TRACKS: 01. Awake 02. Ghost Song 03. Dawn's Highway 04. Newborn Awakening 05. To Come Of Age 06. Black Polished Chrome 07. Latino Chrome 08. Angels And Sailors 09. Stoned Immaculate 10. The Movie 11. Curses, Invocations 12. American Night 13. Roadhouse Blues 14. The World On Fire 15. Lament 16. The Hitchhiker 17. An American Prayer 18. Hour For Magic 19. Freedom Exists 20. A Feast Of Friends 21. Babylon Fading (bonus) 22. Bird Of Prey (bonus) 23. The Ghost Song (bonus)

Moody and mesmerizing, An American Prayer is an interesting album of Jim Morrison reading his poetry over the Doors' music. An American Prayer was finished by the remaining members of the Doors after Morrison's death and finally released in 1978 (it was remastered and re-released in 1995 with bonus tracks). Those familiar with the lyrics of the Doors will not be surprised, but others may be put off because Morrison is unafraid to use crude imagery and talk unabashedly about taboo topics such as sex and religion. Although many dismiss his poetry as simplistic random musings, Morrison is a gifted lyricist with a vivid imagination. The album also demonstrates how the other musicians in the band create a mood that breathes life into Morrison's dark, twisted visions. The music excerpts of "Peace Frog" and "Wasp (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)" provide a welcome air of familiarity, and the definitive live version of "Roadhouse Blues" in the middle of the album provides a nice respite from the barrage of stories and metaphors. However, An American Prayer must be listened to in one sitting to be fully appreciated, preferably at nighttime when one is alone and can devote full attention to the listening experience. This album is not for everyone, but is a must-own for Doors completists and fans of Jim Morrison's poetry. - All Music Guide



  1. Hey Ody,
    What's the password for the Doors download?

  2. Sorry man - p= zinhof


  3. Thanks, Ody. A great album for late summer nights. Did you get my suggestion for the Eel's new cd "Hombre Lobo"? Another cool disc for the summer.

  4. I will check it out - thnks for the suggestion


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