Monday, November 16, 2009

U2 - The Unforgettable Fire Super Deluxe Edition (2009)

"An appreciable leap forward in almost every fashion from the group's first trio of albums, The Unforgettable Fire is its first with the production team of Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois. And while they take a strong hand in wrestling U2's music out of the mainstream and into a more individualistic area, it's the songs themselves that demand a more subtle approach. Moody gems such as "A Sort of Homecoming" and the entrancing "Bad" set the table for more explosive fare such as "Pride," "Wire," and the title track. This is the album that made U2 a career act, showing that their music could grow by leaps and bounds, even at the hand of another, without sacrificing its soul. "--Daniel Durchholz

My favorite album until The Joshua Tree came out.

Disc 01:
1. A Sort Of Homecoming 05:282. Pride In The Name Of Love 03:503. Wire 04:204. The Unforgettable Fire 04:555. Promenade 02:356. 4th Of July 02:177. Bad 06:098. Indian Summer Sky 04:209. Elvis Presley And America 06:2310. MLK 02:34

Disc 02:
1. Disappearing Act 04:352. A Sort Of Homecoming Live 04:073. Bad Live 08:004. Love Comes Tumbling 04:525. The Three Sunrises 03:536. Yoshino Blossom 03:397. Wire Kervorkian Remix 05:128. Boomerang I 02:499. Pride In The Name Of Love 04:4310. A Sort Of Homecoming 03:1811. 11 OClock Tick Tock 04:1312. Wire Celtic Dub Mix 04:3613. Basa Trap 05:1514. Boomerang II 04:5015. 4th Of July 02:2616. Sixty Seconds In Kingdom Come 03:15


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