Saturday, August 30, 2008

McCain / Fey 08

"This race is really heating up!

In a stunning and perhaps brilliant counter-attack on the Barack Obama Democratic powerhouse, Republican Senator John McCain picked Tina Fey - of Saturday Night Live fame - to be his running-mate in his run for the Presidency.

I'll have to admit I never saw this coming, but it is a pretty crafty move. I was watching a CNN at a restaurant durring lunch yesterday. The sound wasn't on, but I got the gist of what was going on as they showed pictures of the power-couple making the announcement publicly.

Although Fey has never held public office and has no political experience, she was the very first female head writer on Saturday Night Live - which raises the question, "Why not the first female Vice President?" She's also pretty hot, so... that can't hurt. She'll also be pretty funny at press conferences and matching wits with Nancy Pelosi.

I can't say that I agree with decision to leave 30 Rock and Alec Baldwin for a much older McCain, but I do like her stance on aggressive female behavior. She has been quoted on SNL recently as stating that, politically speaking, "bitch is the new black." I think this will, as hoped, pick up a few Hillary supporters. I'll miss her budding film career, however, as I can only imagine she's been forced to put it on hold as long as she may be in office.

I can only assume, since she's involved in pretty much every Tina Fey project, that Amy Pohler will be appointed to a high-power cabinet position. Perhaps Secretary of Defense or something. It's all about bringing change to Washington.

This bold, brazen move on the part of the Republicans is definitely going to be giving the Democrats a run for their money, even with the sharp edge of the seemingly unstoppable Barack Obama ticket."

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