Tuesday, May 5, 2009

All Things Must Pass / 30th Annv. Re-issue

In 2000, George Harrison personally oversaw the remastering of All Things Must Pass - the beginning of a re-issue project that was to see all his albums refurbished. Harrison lived long enough only to witness All Things Must Pass' re-release in January 2001 on his own GN Records imprint, distributed by EMI.

Besides the colourfully re-imagined cover art, the two studio albums have been split across the two CDs, with bonus material appearing at the end of the first disc, and the "Apple Jam" - with an adjusted sequence - concluding the second disc.

Harrison participated in Web chats and magazine interviews to promote the reissue. It was a big seller, reaching No. 4 in Billboard's Pop Catalog Chart as well as sparking a critical reconsideration of Harrison's greatest work and solo career as a whole. After Harrison's death in November, 2001, the reissue returned to the upper regions of the same catalog chart.

CD 1: http://sharebee.com/c3e998ff

CD 2: http://sharebee.com/a7f4c1f8


  1. This has long been my favorite solo Beatle release. George was known as the quiet & patient one, but when he chose to let it loose, it was magnificent. God bless him.

  2. me too - it is amazing how the appreciation for his music has grown over the past several years.


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