Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bob Segar - lookinback / The Box

3 CD Compilation
Unknown Label, Unknown Release Date
Any kind of demos, outtakes or roughs by Bob Seger are exceedingly rare. You just don't find them. This three disc set is extremely unusual. For one thing, there are at least three variants. The earliest was a four disc set, but a lot of material was subsequently released officially, so those tracks were dropped for this set. Reportedly, there's also a two disc digipak which drops "The Box" from the title. I haven't seen either of these, but I'd certainly love copies.
The earliest of these tracks probably dates to 1973-74, but the vast majority of them stretch from the early eighties through the mid nineties. All of which combines to make this set exciting and desirable.

Disc 1:
01. American Storm (take 1)
02. American Storm (unknown take)
03. Blue Monday (take 6)
04. Blue Monday (take 7)
05. Blue Monday (take 8)
06. Blue Monday (take 9)
07. Blue Monday (take 11)
08. Blue Monday (take 12)
09. The Fat Man (take 7)
10. Reckless Heart
11. The Ring (alternate version w/ extra verse)
12. Roll Me Away (short instrumental)
13. Sometimes (instrumental)
14. The Ring (extended instrumental version)
15. The Ring (instrumental)
16. Blue Monday (take 13)
17. C'est La Vie (instrumental)
18. Elevator Button (short Instrumental)
19. The Fat Man (take 8)
20. The Fat Man (unknown take)
21. The Fat Man (take 9)
22. Hey Hey Hey Hey
23. House Behind a House (short instrumental)
24. Real at the Time (Solo acoustic)

Disc 2: The Outtakes (Uncut, Part 2)
01. Air Force ROTC radio spot 1971
02. Sometimes (instrumental)
03. Understanding (rehearsal)
04. Understanding (unknown take 2)
05. Understanding (unknown take 3)
06. Wildfire (instrumental)
07. Wildfire (take 1)
08. Wildfire (take 2)
09. Wildfire (take 1) [diff. source]
10. The Lonely One (Solo acoustic)
05. See Me in the Morning (live)
12. Don't Burn Down the Bridge (live)
13. Still Water
14. I Am Woman, You Are Man
16. All Your Love (live) [incomplete]

Disc 3:
01. Fat Man in the Bathtub (live)
02. Dark Eyes (solo)
03. Hey Hey Hey Hey
04. Reckless Heart
05. The Fat Man
06. The Ring (Alternate version w/ extra verse)
07. The Long Way Home (alternate take)
08. Wildfire
09. Yesterday Rules
10. Can't Hit the Corners No More (edited version)
11. A Man Broken (solo)
12. Carfax Abbey
13. The Ring (instrumental)

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