Monday, August 3, 2009

Venus and Mars

Paul replaced the drummer and guitarist that had quit on the eve of recording "Band on the Run" and in November 1974 released the final record bearing the name "Paul McCartney & Wings" -- the single "Junior's Farm," which peaked at #3. The b-side was "Sally G."

Starting with this album Paul McCartney became a lot more diplomatic with regard to other band members singing songs. Previously, all or most of the songs had been written or co-written by McCartney and of those only one song, the "Live and Let Die" b-side "I Lie Around," had been sung by anyone but Paul. That was about to change. Newly hired guitarist Jimmy McCulloch of Thunderclap Newman fame brought his original composition "Medicine Jar" to the table. Denny Laine was allowed to sing Paul's "Spirits of Ancient Egypt." The album, recorded in New Orleans, featured the #1 hit "Listen To What The Man Said." Paul's sixth post-Beatles album. The bonus tracks are not much to write home about and strangely don't include "Junior's Farm" or "Sally G." "Sally G" would be a bonus track on 1976's "Wings At The Speed Of Sound." "Junior's Farm" would appear on "Wings Greatest." Note: The DCC Gold CD reissue erroneously lists "Paul McCartney & Wings" as the artist. Booklet scans. 320kbps.


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  1. Classic album indeed. Don't forget 'Wings at the Speed of Sound". Another great Paulie effort (especially "Beware My Love".)


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