Friday, May 23, 2008

Lemonheads for the long Weekend

I do have a BBQ Post for the weekend but more on that later...

This is kind of a long story, but you don't have to read it.

In early April 1988, I was at a Giant Sand/Blake Babies show at TT the Bear's Place in Cambridge, MA and I was following my standard tactic of standing as close to Juliana as possible (I'm sure I wasn't the only one). Between sets I noticed that the California dude standing next to me was Evan Dando, and even though I was a bit intimidated we struck up a conversation. He was a really friendly guy, and when I mentioned that I grew up in NH he said "hey, we're playing there next Thursday with Giant Sand!" I was a big Lemonheads fan and I followed the local scene, and so I was pretty surprised to hear that they were playing in my backyard (literally). I can't remember if Evan noted that the show was going to be simulcast on WMBR or if I found that out during the week, but this torrent is that show. My roommate (who was a Deadhead and thus understood the whole taping ethos) taped this show on my home stereo while I was at the show with my pal PF. The crowd was quite small, and the sound was deafening. To top it off, the band was clearly drunk. They played pretty well, all things considered, but I actually didn't enjoy the show very much because the sound was so distorted.
It was better during the quiet songs, so the "tuning songs" and covers were quite memorable. Anyhow, I went home after the show (ears ringing quite badly) and saw that my roommate had not only started the tape at the appropriate time but had also flipped it between songs (KH is the man!). I didn't expect much, but I didn't have to listen for long to realize that the show sounded a LOT better on WMBR
than it had in person.

Recently, I came across a download of this show on another blog. And so here it is: Lemonheads captured at a relatively early stage in their career. It's not the tightest set they ever played, but it sounds awesome with a bunch of friends and plenty of beer.

(Radio Broadcast)

01. I Remember You (First Attempt) *
02. Homos @
03. Mallo Cup
04. Come Back BA
05. Nothing True
06. Tuning (Hickory Wind) #
07. Clang Bang Clang
08. Don't Tell Yourself
09. Tuning (Gloomy Sunday) $
10. Half the Time
11. Hate Your Friends
12. I Remember You (Second Attempt) *
13. I Don't Wanna
14. Out
15. Stove
16. Die Right Now
17. Strange +
18. Different Drum %
19. Luka &

* Skid Row Cover
@ Frogs Cover
# Byrds Cover; at 0:19 you can hear me yelling at my roommate ("Kurt"!) who was taping the show for me.
$ Billie Holiday Cover
+ Patsy Cline Cover
% Mike Nesmith/Linda Ronstadt Cover
& Suzanne Vega Cover

Memorable Quotes:
"Thank you very much. I always wanted to be on the radio in boxer shorts!" (Evan had indeed dropped trou during the song)
"What is the next song, I can't tell...oh god, this a new song, we hardly know it."
"Rock and Roll at not what it used to be."
"I know you are enrolled here, and that's cool."
"It always turns into fucking '18 and Life', you can't help it."
"Dude, we have like very seldom more songs."
"Today rock musicians don't even know how to tune their guitars so they have to use these things. It's sad."
"I'm not sorry about nothing, huh?"

Download Here

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