Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My introduction to the Beatles

This was my introduction to Beatles music in fifth grade. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is an American musical film released in 1978. Its soundtrack, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, features new versions of songs originally written and performed by The Beatles. The film draws primarily from two of their albums, the 1967 album of the same name and 1969's Abbey Road.

The production is somewhat adapted from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band on the Road, a 1974 off-Broadway production[directed by Tom O'Horgan. It tells the loosely-constructed story of a band as they wrangle with the music industry and battle evil forces bent on stealing their instruments and corrupting their home town of Heartland. The film is presented in a form similar to that of a rock opera with the Beatles' songs providing "dialogue" to carry the story, with only George Burns having spoken lines that act to clarify the plot and provide further narration.

Directed by Michael Schultz
Produced by Robert Stigwood
Written by Henry Edwards
Starring: Peter Frampton, The Bee Gees, Frankie Howerd, George Burns, Steve Martin
Music by The Beatles
Release date July 21, 1978 (USA)
Running time 113 min.
Language English
Budget $18,000,000

Side A
1. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Bee Gees, Paul Nicholas
With A Little Help From My Friends - Peter Frampton, The Bee Gees
2. Here Comes The Sun - Sandy Farina
3. Getting Better - Peter Frampton, The Bee Gees
4. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - Dianne Steinberg, Stargard
5. I Want You (She's So Heavy) - The Bee Gees, Dianne Steinberg, Paul Nicholas, Donald Pleasance, Stargard

Side B
1. Good Morning, Good Morning - Paul Nicholas, Peter Frampton, The Bee Gees
2. She's Leaving Home - The Bee Gees, Jay Macintosh, John Wheeler
3. You Never Give Me Your Money - Paul Nicholas, Dianne Steinberg
4. Oh! Darling - Robin Gibb
5. Maxwell's Silver Hammer - Steve Martin & Chorus
6. Polythene Pam - The Bee Gees
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window - Peter Frampton, The Bee Gees
Bee Gees)
Nowhere Man - The Bee Gees
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (reprise) - Peter Frampton, The Bee Gees

Side C
1. Got To Get You Into My Life - Earth, Wind & Fire
2. Strawberry Fields Forever - Sandy Farina
3. When I'm Sixty-Four - Frankie Howerd, Sandy Farina
4. Mean Mr. Mustard - Frankie Howerd
5. Fixing A Hole - George Burns
6. Because - Alice Cooper, The Bee Gees
7. Golden Slumbers - Peter Frampton
Carry That Weight - The Bee Gees

Side D
1. Come Together - Aerosmith
2. Being For The Benefit For Mr. Kite - Maurice Gibb, Peter Frampton, George Burns, The Bee Gees
3. The Long And Winding Road - Peter Frampton
4. A Day In The Life - Barry Gibb, The Bee Gees
5. Get Back - Billy Preston
6. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Finale) - The Cast

Max Middleton (Keyboards & Synthesizer)
Robert Ahwai (Guitars)
Wilbur Bascomb (Bass Guitar)
Bernard Purdie (Drums & Percussion)
George Martin (Additional Keyboards)
Peter Frampton (Guitar Solos)
Tower Of Power Horn Section
Greg Adams (Trumpet)
Emilio Castilio (Tenor Sax)
Mick Gillette (Trombone & Trumpet)
Steve Doc Kupka (Baritone Sax)
Lenny Pickett (Tenor Sax & Synthesizer)
Special Thanks To:Jeff Beck
Larry Carlton
Ricky Hitchcock
Ray Russell
Freddie Tackett
Clive Chapman
David Hungate
(Bass Guitars)
David Paich
David Dowell
Jeff Porcaro
Tommy Reilly
Francis Monkman
(Moog Synthesizer)
Ray Cooper
Victor Feldman
Harry Bluestone
Gavyn Wright
(Orchestra Leaders)
Frank Decaro
Martyn Ford
(Music Contractors)

Vocals For Special Effects On "She's Leaving Home"-The Bee Gees
Recorded And Mixed At Cherokee Studios, Los Angeles
Additional Recording At Air Studios, London
Emi Studios, Abbey Road, London
Record Plant, New York
Northstar Studios, Boulder, Colorado
Recording Engineer: Geoff Emerick Of Air Studios
Assistant Engineers: Anthony D'amico
Nigel Walker
Mastered By: John Golden
At Kendun Recorders, Burbank, California
Arranged And Produced By George Martin


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