Sunday, June 1, 2008

Somewhere in England

Despite the turmoil surrounding the recording of "Somewhere in England", the outing actually was reasonably strong, though it forever may be tagged with questions about what it could have become. Indeed, there were many behind-the-scenes tales about the creation of the album, most notably that it wasn’t the song cycle that George Harrison wanted to release, but Warner Bros. rejected his original concept on the basis that four tracks — Flying Hour, Lay His Head, Sat Singing, and Tears of the World — held no commercial viability. Then, as Harrison was reformulating the collection, John Lennon was fatally shot outside his New York City home, and the false pretenses of a reunion by The Beatles began circulating around the single All Those Years Ago. Granted, the remaining trio did perform on the song, but the collaboration was fabricated. The tune, along with the industry-bashing Blood from a Clone, the lighthearted Teardrops, and the spiritually enlightening That which I Have Lost replaced the four excised tracks, and all were given the peppy, pop-oriented sheen for which the label had been searching.

01. Blood From a Clone
02. Unconsciousness Rules
03. Life Itself
04. All Those Years Ago
05. Baltimore Oriole
06. Teardrops
07. That Which I Have Lost
08. Writing's on the Wall
09. Hong Kong Blues
10. Save the World

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