Tuesday, July 1, 2008

From Kinfauns to Chaos

Disc 1: The Beatles gathered at George's house ("Kinfauns", in Esher, Surrey) around the third week of May 1968 to record demos for the forthcoming "White Album" on George's four track equipment. The tracks were mixed to mono by George. John, Paul and Ringo each received copies of this reduction tape. This first disc comes from John's copy and, actually, it is the best sounding version to date of these demos.

Disc 2: A mixing session happened on June 4th, 1968 for the "White Album" slow version of "Revolution", "Revolution 1", which was recorded on May 31st. Disc two features the unedited, offline recording of this EMI mixing date, made on John's portable tape recorder. The disc is called "Chaos" and is actually messed up by Yoko Ono continuously talking all over the session and pontificating on any matter that crosses her mind. Unbearable. Or was it "Revolution 9" ???

Cd 1:
Cd 2:

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