Thursday, September 11, 2008

How to Cut Corn from the Cob

I'm not proud. I'll steal any tip from anyone and present it as my own brilliant idea.

So you've got some corn on the cob, and you want the corn but not the cob. You want the corn, in short, off the cob. And you don't have a corn stripper.

Oh, and you don't want the corn to end up all over the counter, and the floor, and under the stove. Because really, who wants corn under the stove?

You'll need a bundt pan. That's one of those deep circular pans with the tube in the middle. So what you do is, stick the narrower end of the corn cob into the tube part of the bundt pan, then cut with a (very sharp -- trust me that it helps, a lot) knife. Instead of the corn free-falling onto a cutting board and ricocheting all over the counter, it will just fall into the pan.

Cut one strip from top to bottom, then turn a little and do it again.

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