Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I admit, I have been struggling lately to find a muse. Hopefully this will pass soon...

I love burgers. Lately, I have been intrigued by the success of "Five Guys" and we seem to be cooking more burgers on the grill at home, than ever. I believe I have had three in the past five days. Could that be right?

So it begs the question--why must people eat this patty of love WELL DONE? As a person in the restaurant business, I understand my job is to cater to the guest. You want your sauce on the side? Sure. You want to sub a salad for your fries? Done. But the well done burger, I can assure you, is breaking peoples hearts. (as is the well done fish, pork chop, lamb, streak, and even french fries. seriously, you're gonna chip a tooth on those things.)

You see, when the order comes in for a well done, the first thing the cook does is fire it. Timing with this 'thing' does not matter. When its plated, it will be a dry, shriveled lump of protein--a sad shadow of its former self. Looking at it next to all the other properly cooked food is depressing. So much promise and potential, never fully realized. As Bourdain said, cooks even save certain sub par items for well done. The thinnest piece of fish, the smallest piece of lamb, and that chop you used as a demo for the new butcher--that's the pool your food is being pulled from. It's not uncommon to discuss cooking such items.

The people who cook for you want to be trusted. They come in every day, working long hours to present you with their best craftsmanship. You're afraid of getting sick? That California roll you got at Whole Foods / Publix this afternoon is more likely to do so. You dont like the texture? Im not asking you to order your food rare. Can't we settle on medium?

-if you could only listen to either heart, journey, queen, or styx for the rest of your life, who would you pick?

-these make me happy: a knife tapping on a big wooden cutting board, coffee being poured into a pint glass, headphones on the plane, watching Sam, the middle child, appreciate life

-my email is ody3@aol.com - please let me know you are out there

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