Monday, September 8, 2008

Tough decisions today

I pulled these out of some notes that I had taken years ago about the restaurant business. Some are my quotes, I wish I could credit those that are not, but my notes are not that thorough. Anyway, it got me through a day of tough decisions that had to be made and that effect others -

A brigade is a force of nature...the collected experiences of a group of people, operating independently but relying so completely on one another. Different personalities, cultures, and taking...eventually becoming a single family. Loving and hating each other...usually in the same ten minute span. Teaching, learning, competing, and congratulating each other. How can one crack into a group so closely knit?

The short answer is no--you are not one of us. You probably don't have it. Strangely, a good restaurant operator can sense it in a person the first time they meet them. A operator with it is enigmatic...walking with swagger thats been dipped in humility. They have a bounce in their step...a lightness in their touch. They ask all the right questions, and dont hesitate to jump right in. A person that doesn't have it might not do anything wrong in particular--they just always seem to be in the way.


Someone new is given all the trust a substitute teacher gets. They have to balance their humility and confidence. They have to adapt not to our technique and style, as much as they have to adapt to us.

I hope you had a good day.

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