Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Killer Sunday Morning View

So I thought I'd treat you to this acoustic version of 'When You Were Young'.

A slower, more contemplative piano version, it is still a damn good tune and for my money, probably the best track The Killers have knocked out. Much better than anything on 'Day And Age', that's for sure. I've tried and tried to like it but I just don't. It just doesn't do anything for me. It's playing up all the 80s influences I hate but that could be forgiven if the songs were stronger. It almost feels like The Killers spent all their time on the sound of the record without spending too much time on the actual songs. It just seems to lack any of the strong hooks or killer melodies that has always been their selling point. Plus it commits one of my most hated musical crimes. An irrational hatred that I wrote about way back in the day. Something that just makes me want to tear my ears from my head. A horrible, grating, entirely unnecessary and unconnected saxophone solo. If there's one thing I'm almost certain of, it's that if you ever got stuck in a lift in purgatory, a saxophone solo is sure to be the muzak playing.

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