Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

A teaser trailer for the long awaited Spike Jonze movie “Where the Wild Things Are” has finally arrived online. Although, technically, this is the second official trailer. The first one, for “Where the Wild Things Are”, directed by Spike Jonze, came in the year 2000, and premiered in front of the Jim Carey movie, “The Grinch”. Suffice to say there were some problems. Maybe because the book is idiotic and doesn’t make an ounce of sense. Also it’s like 45 words long, and most of those are the same phrase said several times, like a jump rope song, or drinking chant. It probably shouldn’t have even been a book it's so dumb. But it was one of my favorites as a child. And, Spike Jonze. Spike Jonze.

Speaking of Wild is Pearl Jam from the 1990 / The Mookie Blaylock Tape. The Mookie Blaylock demo tape was recorded on October 13, 1990 only six days after becoming a band.

01. Even Flow
02. Once
03. Breath
04. Release
05. Girl
06. Goat
07. Alive
08. Alone
09. Oceans
10. Black
11. Yellow Ledbetter
12. Weird A
13. Daddy Could Swear, I Declare


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