Tuesday, September 15, 2009

jackson browne - the criterion demos

Unreleased Criterion Music Demos
Recorded April 6, 1970 in Hollywood


Last Time I Was Home
Jamaica Say You Will
Song for Adam
Doctor My Eyes
Low Road
Door into the Morning
Another Place
The Birds of St. Marks
Mae Jean Goes to Hollywood
Gone to Sorrow
Hot Like Today
A Child in These Hills
The Top
My Opening Farewell
The Times You've Come
From Silverlake
Some Kind Of Friend
There Came a Question
Have I Seen Her?
Colors of The Sun
Dancing Sam
Taking So Long

All songs written by Jackson Browne and
copyrighted 1970 by Jackson Browne and Criterion Music

Jackson signed a co-publishing agreement with Hollywood's Criterion Music in the fall of 1969, so the demos from that time are just prior to his hooking up with David Geffen, which took place later in 1970 and the recording of his first album which took place in 1971.

In fact, it was a demo of "Jamaica Say You Will" from the recording session at Criterion Studios -- which Jackson sent to David Geffen -- that attracked Geffen's attention. The track included backing by J.D. Souther (on drums?), Glenn Frey, and Ned Doheny.

This was not an official album, nor was it ever intended as an official release. It was merely Jackson Browne making some demo recordings in his role as a staff writer for Criterion Music. These recordings were intended to be used to promote Jackson's songs to other artists for recording.


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